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Seminar Satisfiability Modulo Theories - Wintersemester 08/09


Beschreibung Determining the satisfiability of first-order formulas modulo background theories, known as the Satisfiability Modulo Theories (SMT) problem, has proved to be useful in verification, compiler optimization, scheduling, and other areas.

The success of SMT techniques depends on the development of both domain-specific decision procedures for each concrete theory (e.g. linear arithmetic, the theory of arrays, or the theory of bit-vectors) and combination methods that allow one to obtain more versatile SMT tools. These two ingredients together make SMT techniques well-suited for use in larger automated reasoning and formal verification efforts.

Kommentar This course will cover current SMT solver techniques and algorithms. A first meeting will take place on wednesday 10/22/2008 1pm in the hardware pool (building 051).