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The SmartMeter is a self build electricity meter that measures current and voltage at all three supply legs with up to 32kHz. 


The device can log into your existing WiFi, open an access point you can log in or can be connected via Ethernet or a USB-Serial Connection.

All communicate with the device is done via an API based on JSON dictionaries. The device supports different data streaming formats. The most prominent is a raw TCP stream compliant to open source streaming solutions such as FFmpeg

The used analog backend is an ADE9000 from Analog Devices which has 7 ADCs capable of up to 32k samples per second at a resolution of 24 bit. Therewith, the complete electricity supply of a home can be monitored.

Since the device is design to fit a standard DIN housing, it can be installed at DIN-Rails inside the fusebox easily.   

The hardware is compliant to the following norms: 

IEC61010-1, CATIII 300V, IEC 60950, DIN EN 60664-1, IEC 61000-4-5


We decided to make the device open source. You can find more information as well as the schematic and firmware here.


Völker, Benjamin, Philipp M. Scholl, and Bernd Becker. "Semi-automatic generation and labeling of training data for non-intrusive load monitoring." Proceedings of the Tenth ACM International Conference on Future Energy Systems. 2019.

Völker, Benjamin, et al. "A Versatile High Frequency Electricity Monitoring Framework for Our Future Connected Home." International Conference on Sustainable Energy for Smart Cities. Springer, Cham, 2019.